Nobody can live in the coffee world without coming in daily contact with Brazil - the biggest coffee producer in the world. Nowadays coffee plays only a small role in the Brazilian economy but is still very important in all Brazilian hearts.

The main volume from Brazil is unwashed coffees and the quality "Swedish" is a well known standard in the coffee world and also reflects the more than 100 years old tradition of coffee trading between Brazil and Sweden.

Have you also noticed that the football national teams from Sweden and Brazil have the same colours on their shirts?


Peru has become a more important trading partner for the Scandinavian roasters. From there we also trade many bags of organic coffee.

Most interesting is for us to trade with Yanesha coffee.

The Yanesha are native Peruvian Indians who migrated from the Amazon Jungle to the Andean foothills. Their new territory lies between two of Peru’s prime coffee growing regions, Villa Rica and Oxapampa. These fertile lands provide optimal growing conditions and are well known by coffee connoisseurs around the world.

The tribe have always and continue to live in harmony with their land and the environment. Coffee farms are managed in a non-extensive and diversified manner. Coffee grows along with citrus trees, medical plants and precious woods.

These small farmers aim is to produce and refine the finest coffee in the world – and we think that maybe they have succeeded! This coffee is something special!

And of course the coffee wears their tribes name Yanesha.


Galapagos, Equador
Galapagos coffee is an extraordinary rarity as the cultivable land for coffee on these islands is limited. The coffee seeds that were brought here at the end of the 19th century by Manuel J. Cobos have remained untouched by hybridization. Therefore the coffee beans from the Galapagos Islands are considered as one of the purest Arabica beans in the world.

Galapagos coffee has an excellent quality as it is grown on volcanic ground that is extremely fertile and rich in minerals like phosphorus. The coffee is cultivated naturally without the use of chemicals and other pesticides. It has a strong aroma with caramel note, medium body and light acidity.