Essential is cuptesting!
Here Inge is cuping in Addis Abeba.



The origin of coffee is, if the tale is true, Ethiopia so here you have a long tradition of farming and preparing coffee. In every home, every day coffee is prepared in a ceremonial way. Ethiopian coffees are among the world’s most varied and some of them ranked among the best. They all display the fruity acidity that is characteristic of African coffees but there are great variations.

The Harrar coffees are grown on small peasant farms in the eastern part of the country near the old capital of Harrar at about 1500 meters. Harrar is a “handmade” coffee, processed by the traditional dry method. It is grown on such a small scale and handled by such simple methods that it is free from chemicals and therefore a good choice for those who wish an organically grown coffee.

From southern Ethiopia originate Sidamo and Yrgacheffe coffees. These are washed coffees with a different character, more gentle and flowery. Yrgacheffe is the most appreciated one with its richness and long, resonant finish.

In Ethiopia we cooperated, for many years, with our friend Yanni Georgalis and his company Moplaco. Nowadays the company is run by daughter Helleanna. Moplaco has activities for handling coffee both in Addis Abeba and Dire Dawa. One the coffees they provide us with is Abyssinian Mocka. This coffee grows wild and has a very special character – wild and full of flavor.


Kenya has not at all the same coffee tradition as Ethiopia. Growing coffee came much later here, introduced by the English and then taken up by the Kenyan natives. That has implied that the farming is more modern. Kenya has also maybe the most sophisticated system for trading coffee from farmers through exporters with their "each Tuesday auction" in the Wakulima House in Nairobi. Kenyan coffees are first class they have a nice acidity and a smooth specific flavour. They are often used to “lift” a blended coffee.

Our favourite partner in Kenya is Josra Coffee Ltd. Either the boss himself Mr. Josra Ngeera or his son Robert is visiting us once a year and together with them we develop a specific Kenya blend for each of our customers. We are also very happy to cooperate with Servicoff Ltd. The owner Mr. Peter Kinyua has become a great friend.


Livingstone, the pioneering explorer who toured Tanzania during the late 1890's in search of the source of the Nile, has been termed as one of the adventuring heroes. It is for this reason we have coined this coffee in his name. The discovery and the adventuring nature of a project to increase the quality of the processing of this high quality coffee have uncovered a hidden gem within this beautiful country. From now on this coffee can be recognized for its true worth and unique flavors "Livingstone I presume".