We started in 1980 as an agent for a few foreign exporters, apart from coffee we worked with cheese and Norwegian seafood.

Today we have narrowed the business down to what’s nearest to our heart - COFFEE – and we are far more skillful in what we are doing! After more than 30 years in the business our contacts around the world are excellent and unique. We feel that we are successful in our aim, which is:

• to be a first class representative for our business partners: farmers, exporters and traders

• to present “new” coffees to our customers

• to work actively to increase the production of, and trade with, sustainable coffee

• to stimulate our clients in Scandinavia to use a wider assortment of green coffee

• to find just the right coffee for the right customer, regardless of quantity

• to be rapid to provide for our customers need of particular coffes

We distribute samples of green coffee to our Scandinavian clients daily; more than 700 of them a year. The comments and scores that our customers give, form part of our checklist for future business and also keep us updated on the green coffee market.

Essential information and offers are sent by fax and e-mail but we still believe that the most important contact with a customer is by phone and through personal visits. Often, visits to clients are organized together with our trading-partners from all around the world.

To us it is of course fundamental to meet the farmers, exporters and traders whom we represent. We often get together at different trade fairs but sometimes we need to go and see the farm or the company itself. That way we learn a lot and we can choose partners who are reliable.

Inge Karlsson Handels AB is UTZ CERTIFIED

UTZ CERTIFIED is a worldwide certification program for responsible coffee production and sourcing. UTZ means "good" in a Maya language. UTZ CERTIFIED offers assurance of social and environmental quality in coffee production. With UTZ certification you will be able to answer two important questions:

Where does my coffee come from?

How was my coffee produced?